Airport Fire Truck Simba

Simba is an airport fire truck from the company Rosenbauer International AG. Among many other airports several of them are located at EDDF Airport Frankfurt. The version 8x8 HRET which is modeled here has following specifications:

 919 kW
 Max. Speed
 140 km/h
 Weight 45 t
 Water Tank
 12.500 l
 Foam Tank
 2x750 l
 Dimensions 12m x 3m

The FSX Model has been modeled by GMAX. Among many details it has night-maps with animated lights and bump-maps. The scenery contains already a placement file (EDDF_Place.BGL) which will place the truck in front of the Lufthansa Hangar at EDDF Frankfurt (Location: lat="50.043775" lon="8.555992" alt="0.000000"). However you can place the vehicle where ever you want. See the manual for instructions.

Download the Manual Simba

The Scenery Addon Simba (version1.0) can be downloaded* at


The file package includes a manual with installation procedures and additional information. 

* Note: You have to register at AVSIM before you can downlaod the file from the file library.