Airfield Wolfhagen Graner Berg EDGW

The Airfield Wolfhagen Graner Berg (EDGW) is located in the middle of Germany near Kassel (N51°18,37', E9°10,57'), at an Altitude of 1033ft. Navigation: 168°/12 NM from WRB 113.70; 288°/20 NM from LAU 341.The runway 15/33 has a length of 500m. The airfield is operated by: Luftsportvereinigung Wolfhagen
The FSX airfield scenery consists of FSX library elements and individual objects like hangars, tower and fences.

DOWNLOAD of the FSX Scenery EDGW at:

Go to the file library and search for EDGW (Registration required for download)


Copy the folder EDGW Wolfhagen in your FSX folder: .../FSX/ADDON SCENERY/
Start FSX, and activate the new scenery in the Scenery Library.

EDGW and VFR Germany

No compatibilty issues. The scenery EDGW should have a higher priority in the scenery library than VFR Germany.